Swimming Pool Water Blasting Process

Swimming Pool Sand and Water Blasting Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware

The old-fashioned way to prepare the surface for Pool Plaster was to chisel the old plaster by a hand machine. Chipping away with a chisel tool is grueling work and took many hours to complete an entire pool. When Sand Blasting and Water Blasting were introduced we switched techniques to a more time effective option. Sand blasting and water blasting etch the existing surface, making it rough enough for bonding.

Water Blasting is the preferred process of removing Pool Plaster Finish in the industry.

Our Water blasting machine will convert 3 gallons of water a minute into 40,000 pounds per square inch [of pressure].

This method is similar to the sand blasting, only cleaner. After water blasting a surface, crews use a power washer to blow debris back into the pool, acid wash the walls, and pump everything out.

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