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Swimming pool plaster is the process of applying a cement like substance to the walls and floors of your swimming pool. Most inground swimming pools require pool plaster finish or paint finish. Swimming Pool Paint Finish is a thing of the past! Swimming Pool Plaster Finishes are the newest trend in Swimming Pools. Swimming Pool Plaster Finish lasts longer than paint and comes in many different textures and different colors!

We are certified pool plaster finish applicators for some of the industries most renowned pool plaster finish companies. We can get any type of material or any type of brand pool plaster finish you would like ranging from: Click each brand below to see full color galleries!

The color and the feel of the pool plaster finishes is really up to the customer. We can suggest different styles and colors by giving clients samples of the pool plaster finish for them to look at.

The Pool Plaster Process

  1. Work with the client to pick a Swimming Pool Plaster Finish. (Physical Samples & Photo Galleries)
  2. We come in and remove the old pool plaster finish or swimming pool paint. If there was a paint cover we will remove the old paint with sand or water blasting.
  3. We will then remove all of the excess material and start the new pool plaster finish.
  4. Once the pool plaster finish has been applied the same day we will have a water tank come and fill your pool.
  5. We will give the homeowner instructions for the following weeks to come after the pool plaster process but will help you along the way.

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