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Montano Tile and Coping has been performing swimming pool renovation services for years. Renovation Services is focused mainly when your pool is getting re-plastered. Most swimming pools have a coat of old pool plaster that needs to be removed by water blasting or sandblasting. Other swimming pools have painted walls that need to be chipped away before new plaster can be applied. This process can be a big mess and some pool companies don't have the team to clean. That is not the case at Montano's we have all the tools and team members to get the job done!

Montano Tile & Coping treats every job site like their home! With respect and cleanliness!

Do you have a small crack in your pool or in your old swimming pool plaster finish? Not looking to have your swimming pool completely replastered? Montano Tile & Coping can perform small pool renovation and repairs. We can even fix tiles that are falling off and stairs that I've been chipped. We can even help fix discolored streaks on your swimming pool walls or floors. We can acid wash your swimming pool to make it look almost brand NEW!

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